1496 Bennett Hollow Rd.


Save it, or start over. The former Earl Hunt farm on Bennett Hollow Rd. was an active Dream Street dairy, then fell on hard times. But the beauty of the land simply cannot be denied. It now stands at a crossroads.


For the pragmatic buyers- this is nearly 70 acres of gorgeous Delaware County farmland that stretches all the way up the hillside and beyond and includes meadows, woods and a pond, plus high speed fiber optic Internet access, a small office with electric, connected to modern well pump and septic, a partially intact metal cow barn, and a location on a paved road that's handy to town. The minus? Every structure needs work.


For the romantics - if you're drawn to old farmhouses, this one is well worth saving. But be aware it's a big job. The plus side is there's a lot of scrap lumber in the barn, much of it very valuable, so you might be able to sidestep the current building material shortage. And the systems are there. The well and septic are the same newer ones serving the office.


Full disclosure - one side of the house foundation is in dire need of attention, and very soon. But the roof is still straight, the floors are still solid, and much of the remaining foundation is straight and true. There's a modern well pump and a modern 1000 gallon septic system. The porch needs to come off, the foundation on that side replaced, and a new porch constructed. Vandals removed all the copper piping. The roof is at the end of its useful life. Inside, it's all in need of rebuilding, too, but the floor plan is surprisingly nice, and upstairs is one of the brightest, most open farmhouse plans you're likely to ever see.


Seller said a contractor estimated $100-$125K to gut, shore up, and renovate the house, but today's material costs may make that figure unrealistic now, unless you can source building materials on site. And you can - read on...


Much of the barn is also in sorry shape, with the oldest part of the barn roof completely collapsed. That leaves great building material to work with - old timbers, old metal roofing...the barn might well help rebuild the house. And the stacked stone foundation is now exposed and it's gorgeous. The milk house and office are intact, and have water and plumbing available. Guest house or workspace possibilities there.


Much of the metal barn is still strong and solid, while some lost its roof in a heavy snow. There's material to be salvaged there, as well, which could seal up the remaining metal barn for nothing but the cost of labor and nails.


The pond is deep enough to swim in, and stocked with bass. The property is level at the road, then rises up the hillside and continues beyond the horizon.


This could be your labor of love. And the rewards are incalculable.